Your ass protrudes toward the malaise

| Ann Maria Healy October 23rd - 2015

Eight is pleased to present
Your ass protrudes toward the malaise,
a solo exhibition by Ann Maria Healy

Your ass protrudes toward the malaise is the culmination of a 2014 body of work by Irish artist Ann Maria Healy. The work is an entertaining, colourful, absurdo-surrealist video and sculptural installation with strong cinematic sensibilities.
At the heart of the installation is a carefully scripted video work She drew a line in the glitter of her mind, which draws, from the artists writings and works, a porthole into another realm. In this fantastic alternate reality, a trinity of muses, use strange sculptural objects in a ceremony that takes place in a magic forest. The muses activate the sculptures through incantations of poetry and choreographed processions in selected geographic locations. The central poem to the work is a response to Franco Berardi’s The Uprising: On poetry and finance. The work contrasts the known natural environment with a projection into a future mythological.
The set-like installation features the sculptural props from the film lit theatrically, the audience activates bubbles made of faerie urine, which are part of a sculpture that is also the main protagonist in the video work. This sculpture is central to the ceremony and is transformed when its square white refrain is seductively removed in a ritual of becoming. An adjunct video piece of an upside-down waterfall in Co Leitrim flows unpretentiously, thus the installation acts as a set that surrounds the audience, resonating with the video porthole and thrusting them into this other realm. The projected images are physicalized through the use of freestanding screens whilst throughout, narrative is used as a tool to invoke and subvert.

With special thanks to Jim Ricks and the assistance of Monster Truck Studios.

Preview: 7pm - 9pm , Friday October 23rd, 2015

Opening hours,
Monday – Saturday
10.00 – 17.30
Closed Sundays Show concludes November 5th