The Earth rings in your ears

Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty / Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne Kelly / Ruth Le Gear /

Curated by Tracy Hanna

Preview: 7-9pm, Wednesday September 4th, 2013
Running until September 10th
Eight Gallery, 8 Dawson St., Dublin 2.

Opening hours,
Monday – Saturday
10.00 – 17.30
Sunday 11.00 - 17.30

Closing Tuesday 10th at 3pm

Although we are tiny we feel the Universe.We see and hear the crash of a wave on the shore being pulled by our moon. Various waves come to touch our skin from all corners of the cosmos and our eyes extend infinitely. We feel the enormous size of things.

This exhibition presents three works that engage with the ocean. Each artist, in their individual approaches, listens to the mystical, mythical and extra-terrestrial forces that act upon and interact with water on Earth.

In answer to each step you take, the earth rings in your ears.
(from Eurydice, Arseniy Tarkovsky)

Kevin Gaffney and Sally-Anne Kelly have been collaborating on films and photography since 2009. Their work for this exhibition, The Moonless Ocean, is a short film exploring the presentation and manipulation of the self. The characters, masked in the likeness of their own faces and bodies, are fragments of the self, bound by the limits of their own transformation. Actively pursuing a transcendence of the self often has a performative and ritualistic element, and the characters are seen repeatedly simulating each other’s actions in an incessant search for, or an attempt to erase, something unseen. Baths, pools and the sea act as motifs in which the psychology of the characters becomes physicalized. The title posits another physical existence, where the power of the moon over the ocean does not exist, acting as a reflection of the character’s state of entropy.

Their work has been exhibited at Periodical Review #2 (selected by Padraic E. Moore) at Pallas Projects, Abandon Normal Devices at Cornerhouse, the Startpoint Prize at Museum Gavu Cheb and Wannieck Gallery, Big Screen at Latitude Festival, The Brighton Film Festival, and solo exhibitions at RUA RED (South Dublin Arts Centre) and the Galway Arts Centre. In 2011 they were awarded the Grand Prix from the Sapporo Biennale art competition to create a new project, Leaving a Vacuum in which Compasses and our Internal Navigation Systems Fail to Work, in Hokkaido for presentation at the 2014 Biennale in Japan.

Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty have been working collaboratively since graduating from fine art at NCAD in 2010. Through fanatic acts of communication and repetition, of resurrection and preservation, they enact humanity’s struggle against overwhelming natural forces and ask how we can look beyond our limited perception of infinity. With this in mind, their work has increasingly become an exercise in cross-dimensional movement, using technology as a means of attempting the potentially impossible translation of this world onto another wavelength.

Recent exhibitions and publications of their work include Hilltown New Music Festival, Westmeath (2013); Syncopathy series, curatorial residency, the Joinery (2013), Paper Visual Art Journal, Dublin edition (2013); ROTATOR, collaborative exhibition at Pallas Projects (2013); Miracle on Crofton Road Street, The Drawing Project, Dun Laoghaire (2012); Stoneybatter River Walks, The Joinery (2012); Darklight Film Festival, LOFI VFX Programme (2012); Prelude to Nothing, The LAB (2012); Resort, Portsalon, Co. Donegal (2012) and Days on End, Sonic Arts Festival, Cork (2012).

Ruth Le Gear is strongly attracted by methodologies of investigation of non-physical phenomena, particularly water memory. She is interested in things that cannot be seen, the unquantifiable or the immeasurable. The essence of beings or substances we cannot see but know to be there. This relates to the notion of feeling and intuition as a form of knowing. She explores scientific methodologies as well as the more intuitive process of understanding these phenomena. These methodologies are polar opposites but she feels that crucial connections are involved in perception and a unified experience is created from differences.

Le Gear graduated from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) with a degree in sculpture in 2007. Her solo exhibition Water that Sleeps was exhibited at Galway Arts Centre in 2009. Recent group exhibitions include Crystalline at the Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown (2012), Ev+a (2008) and Claremorris Open (2008). In 2011 she was awarded a six-month residency in Fire Station Artists' Studios, Dublin. Other residencies include: The Arctic Circle (2012); Culturia, Berlin (2012); SIM, Iceland (2012/09); Cill Rialig, Kerry (2011); Limerick City Gallery of Art (2008) and Tyrone Guthrie (2010). In October of this year she will have a solo exhibition at Leitrim Sculpture Centre following a residency there.