| Opening: December 2nd, 6.30pm

Eight is pleased to present Landing,

Landing is an ongoing collaborative project* between a visual artist and a contemporary dancer, both migrants out of choice, both away from their native land. Both artists are interested in understanding through their practice the meaning of a home, and the relationship between this term and one’s physicality and identity. They are interested in exploring the psychological processes of acculturation through a collision between language, image, and body.

Landing & Acculturation**
The scale we looked at as the scope of acculturation psychology in relation to this project runs along the following axes: assimilation-integration-marginalisation-separation. This scale acted as the lead consideration in the design of the various elements – the space, the video work, the performance.

For more details about the collaboration and the artists, and some background of the thought processes, or to get in touch please visit

* with special thanks to our instrumental audio collaborator (and a local), Dave Murphy.
** this concept was researched in reference to Immigration, Acculturation, and Adaptation (1997) by John W. Berry.

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Preview: 6.30pm - 8.30pm , Friday December 2nd. Show concludes December 10th.

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