James Kirwan / Colm Mac Athlaoich / Conor Wickham

Preview: 7-9pm, Friday November 22nd, 2013
Running until December 5th
Eight Gallery, 8 Dawson St., Dublin 2.

The work is about visions of a strange future, a longing to travel & explore, bleak utopia, lost souls, parallel worlds...

James has exhibited his work in group shows since 2006 and a solo show in 2008. He has, on numerous occasions, collaborated with design & surf apparel group Bluefingers for various projects. James has also produced work for Jameson and Absolut, along with designs for musicians S.O.S.B, Lemonada and DJ Izem


The work is a twisting of nature, a mutation of thought into something much more palatable and delicious.

Colm Mac Athaloich is an Irish born artist based in Dublin, working primarily in illustration, painting and print. He works across many themes and influences such as landscape and architecture, people, music and colour.
Colm has been an exhibiting painter illustrator and printmaker since 2003, becoming a member of the Graphic Studio Printmakers in 2005. He has exhibited in Ireland and abroad, with works traveling as part of the OPW Collection


The Works is about sitting alone, uncomfortable by your own presence. Knowing the right thing to say but never saying it, knowing everyone else knows the right thing to say but they never say it. Its about admitting your a balding ape, its about how we spend our entire life coming up with reasons and excuses primarily aimed at making sure we either fornicate or eat in the near to immediate future. Its about having developed thumbs before every other bestial slave on the planet and not know what to do with them. Its about making sure you’re positioned somewhere in the middle of the crowd and not the outer ring, where you can be easily picked off by giant ants or even gianter globule like heads sculpted with the ghastly features of Joanna Lumley . Its about not knowing how or when to stop.

Conor draws and paints pictures

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