| September 15th - 30th | Opening: September 15th, 6pm - 8pm

Eight is pleased to present INFRA, a Basic Space Project

David Beattie / Daniel Bermingham / Simon Cummins / Paul Hallahan / Linda Quinlan / Suzanne Walsh / Lee Welch & introducing Joanne Reid

All projects begin with isolation of conditions to carve out unique spaces which we can use to challenge, nurture and make visible contemporary practices. Testing the Duchampian concept of the infra-thin, through sculptural, paint and sound pieces.

Preview: 6pm - 8pm , Thursday September 15th, 2016

fire without smoke, the warmth of a seat which has just been left, reflection from a mirror or glass, watered silk, iridescents, the people who go through (subway gates) at the very last moment, velvet trousers their whistling sound is an infrathin separation signaled. Marcel Duchamp

/ /
Rays, ultraviolet, heat, it’s glow, an unseen presence, something gone before. Present but elsewhere? an effect, a memory, a faded image. Intangible, yet undeniably present. The heat of the sun? radiation passing through our bodies, through our eyes, our chemistry altered. An inbetweenness, nonimmediate, existing on another plain, beyond our full comprehension. Lines of code, the digital, pulsing, flowing, forever present, forever invisible, lost to us, altering our lives. Language collapses, words fail, our written and oral devices fail to depict our lived lives. The nonvisual, the hidden, the subtle, the nondescript, the inbetween, the transparent. The word at the tip of your tongue. Existing in a gap, failing to bridge comprehensive meaning and the external world. Differencing, exposing gaps, destabilizing language, sign, meaning and identity. A gap, in a moment of unknown, the jump between one idea to the next. Ontology. Language fails us. Meaning and symbol become void, a pun, an absurdity. Their inherent constructedness laid bare. Unseen, to be looked through, a lens, a device. A point of transmutation. A haze, it’s shimmer, a moment, mirage. Replica. To look through its transparency, it’s unseeable refractions. Prisms of light. Image distorted. All is a mirage. Non place, both place, The opaqueness of reality. An opaque reality. Both eternal and ephemeral. Undefinable, ungraspable. Present. InfraThin


| Basic Space - September 15th - 30th, 2016

Opening hours,
Monday – Saturday
10.00 – 17.30
Closed Sundays.

Show concludes September 30th