Apparently Inhabited

Thomas Tully | September 18th - 2015

Eight is pleased to present Apparently Inhabited,
a solo exhibition of works by Thomas Tully.

‘Apparently Inhabited’ is a solo exhibition by Thomas Tully. The work explores the unsteady relationship between urban and rural isolation.

The video pieces examine isolation in Ireland amongst men of all ages. Typically, isolation is not a widely discussed topic; the work takes inspiration from Alain de Botton’s The News: A User’s Manual.
This is whereby trivial topics in news media that the general public have interest in are easy to engage in, such as unusual crimes, scandals and gossip. Whereas social, financial and political stories are of little interest because of their complicated nature.

The installation asks men living in Ireland what they define isolation as. These definitions are then repeated by individuals from the city and the countryside. This is juxtaposed by environments that have no people in them, purporting the vision of what isolation is. The lack of media attention to this one small topic is clouded by various, unrelated circumstances.

The installation on display will serve as non­linear examples of isolation from characteristic experiences of life in populated and uninhabited settings. Much of the social context is derived from the artist’s interactions with working­class individuals who became part of a culture of emigration.

Preview: 7pm - 9pm , Friday, September 18th, 2015

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