Steven Maybury is an Irish artist, currently based in Dublin. Steven is a winner of the 2012 Cill Rialaig residency award and was short listed for the 2012 most promising graduate award with the Talbot gallery. Stevens’s work is an exploration of material. Examining scientific ideas such as energy conversion, Steven’s works also revolves around a metaphysical ideology. If energy is never extinguished but rather converts from one from to another, what implications would this have, not only for the idea behind the artwork, but also for the artwork itself and its components? Using a stumble upon approach to find materials to work with, Steven combines locally found objects, alongside Materials and items found using Stevens works further explore the implications of these arguments through cyberspace and eBay, where items can often be sold as something they aren't. The movement of energy from one form into another is continued through materials used as rulers, as Steven makes detailed pen drawings graphing the objects then being turned into extensions of the drawings where they still hold the pen markings on their ridges and sides, proclaiming what they once were.